QAIS Perfumes Discovery box, Tajwar, Sultan, Eliza, Zaman

QAIS Discovery Box


QAIS Perfumes works with the best perfumers to develop our unique fragrances, aspiring to not only revive the finest traditions of perfumery, but also to keep a close watch on the contemporary trends. That truly is what defines us; and makes our brands truly memorable. Try our discovery box with all 4 unique scents in a 3ml vial.


She is strong, classy, graceful and resilient yet one who exudes tranquility, elegance and charm. She is gracious and sophisticated with an air of timeless poise. She has individuality and confidence yet her loyalty and love lie with her family and friends. It is in this commitment that she finds her strength, her fortitude and her freedom.

Tajwar the fragrance invariably takes your breath away with its charm and allure. Tajwar is the modern lady, a woman who holds a charisma with her own distinctive love, care and integrity. Tajwar will unravel your heart and take you on a journey full of unforgettable memories.

It contains inspiringly fresh rose-oral notes with hints of sweet fruit and tangy balsamic. It is rich in essence with a beautiful blend of deep vanilla, sweet honeysuckle, musk and amber.

Notes: Vanilla, Honey, Roses, Floral, Musk Amber

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