Perfume industry in Pakistan

Perfume industry of Pakistan​

Perfumes are composed of fragrances or essential oils which are used to provide a mesmerizing smell. Perfumes show a person’s style & personality. A good perfume can influence mood, behavior, perception, emotions, and human thoughts.

The commonly used ingredients in the composition of perfumes include flowers, fruits, roots, gums, animal secretion, as well as resources like alcohol, coal tars, etc. There are about 2,000 to 250,000 flowering plants that contain essential oils used to make scents.

Fragrances have gained influence as necessary personal care products. Fragrances have refined the habits of people thus becoming essential products of daily routine. The fragrance market is fragmented into men, women, and unisex on basis of the consumer group. On the other hand, the market is fragmented into online retail stores and offline retail stores on the basis of distribution groups. The offline retail store’s segment is further divided into supermarkets and offline retail stores.

The Rising trend of perfumes in Pakistan:

The Pakistan perfume market is gaining adhesion to the rising trend of personal grooming along with the increasing demand for youth-oriented as well as exotic fragrances. Advertisements are encouraging the growth of perfumes, fragrances, and other beautifying products in the market. The rising influence of social media bloggers and celebrity endorsement is influencing the advertisement strategies adopted by key market players. Nowadays, the manufacturing of perfumes has resulted in a mainstream business in the cosmetics industry. The people spending on luxurious perfumes on account of improving standards of living increase the sales of perfumes. Other major factors increasing the demand for perfumes worldwide are the increasing population

and aggressive advertising by manufacturers. However, the availability of false products represents one of the major challenges faced by the market.

Growth operators of the market:

– People are diving towards fragrance products with a rise in income and awareness regarding personal cleanliness, thereby growing the market.

– Advanced online shopping has made e-commerce websites convenient to customers, thus increasing the market value of the product.

Barriers to the growth of the market:

– Toxic chemicals present in most fragrance products, often cause rashes or burning sensations, and may also lead to dryness and redness, inflammation and irritation of the skin. Consumers who are aware of these side effects avoid buying such products. As a result, the sales margin of the chemical-based fragrance companies get hampered, thereby leading to the growth of laboratory-proved fragrance products companies in Pakistan.

-The perfume companies in Pakistan consist of a number of manufacturers who do not adhere to the quality standards set by authorities. These products are available at much lower prices but cause harmful effects on the skin. This hinders the growth of the perfume market in Pakistan.

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