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  •  3,795.00
    This combination of elegancy is profound only with the quality and quantity of each fragrance and fruit. Eliza is available in Pakistan for young and energetic females. Eliza combines notes of tangy black currant, energizing mandarin orange and plums, and exotic, sensual white musk.
  •  495.00
    QAIS Perfumes works with the best perfumers to develop our unique fragrances, aspiring to not only revive the finest traditions of perfumery, but also to keep a close watch on the contemporary trends. That truly is what defines us; and makes our brands truly memorable. Try our discovery box with all 4 unique scents in a 3ml vial.
  •  4,495.00
    Sultan the fragrance is an essentially powerful tangy scent with some notes from Bergamot and Lemon with an intense combination of Sandalwood and Rose. Sultan perfume is available in Pakistan for powerful, independent, and peace lovers, with the power to handle the intense proclaiming environment.
  •  3,995.00
    Tajwar will unravel your heart and take you onto a journey full of memories. Tajwar perfume is available in Pakistan for the classy, graceful, and tranquility of powerful independent women and men of the modern era.
  •  4,250.00
    Zaman the fragrance is a celebration of youth, masculinity and passion. Life is beckoning him and he knows how to face it. Zaman is heeding the call in the most intense way possible but has his roots in deep love. Zaman is available in Pakistan for peace lovers, youthful and masculine men.

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