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QAIS is my persona

This is brought together in the string of love and care, trust and kindness reflecting the true image of Pakistan and its nation. QAIS Perfumes (registered as a Trademark in the UK and Pakistan) aspires to showcase Pakistan’s real radiant essence so that the genuine beauty of the land and its undying values of love, care and discipline can rise and shine for the world to experience.

We aspire to establish the trust between our brand and the world exhibiting Pakistan as a country that has the capacity to produce world-class perfumes for all to fall in love with.

The brand has its roots in London but has blossomed in Islamabad. On 14 August 2021, we had a soft-launch of our four exclusive London’s fragrances. Each will have its own distinctive story and a richness in its scent. These will be The Sultan, The Tajwar, The Zaman and The Eliza.

They will take you on a journey of love.

QAIS is my persona.