The Team - QAIS Perfumes - Best Quality Perfumes in Pakistan - Islamabad - Karachi - Lahore

QAIS Perfumes is unlike any other fragrance.

The team behind QAIS Perfumes have been creating perfumes for the past 15 years, working and establishing various international brands from their base in the U.K. The fragrances are reputed to be of premium quality and of the highest standards of scent endurance.


The process of creating a perfume brand involves crafting a distinct style. A concept is fashioned from the story of the brand to the finest details until its final execution. Our fragrance ventures are backed by ISO standards. Our professional competence and excellence have enabled us to launch a distinctive perfume brand in Pakistan, named QAIS Perfumes.


We work with the best perfumers to develop our unique fragrances. We aspire not only to revive the finest traditions of perfumery but also to keep a close watch on contemporary trends. This is what defines us and why our brands are memorable.



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